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BD CatalystCoaching Program 

If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you will keep getting what you’ve always gotten.

Learning new habits and changing behaviour is a process to be navigated, rather than just a one-off event.

That’s where most BD training on its own fails and why an integrated program focusing on 1:1 BD coaching works. The route of personalised BD coaching works because new habits can be meaningfully embedded over time, ultimately resulting in sustainable behaviour change.

Our BD Catalyst™ Coaching Program is a highly customised, iterative process that over time embeds a baseline of core BD activities which result in more productive client conversations and outcomes.

Ultimately the result is a long-term business relationship with a shorter buying cycle, unsolicited referrals and less price sensitivity because the client is buying on value rather than price from someone they consider as a trusted partner in their business.

We designed our BD Catalyst™ Coaching Program to have the flexibility necessary to meet the varied needs of each individual who we work with.We support our clients as they define a personalised BD strategy that is aligned with their integrity and personal style. In our experience, such personalised strategies are the most effective for the client in successfully growing his/her practice.

We offer several complementary transformative solutions that are tailored to your BD aspirations:

Our team collectively offers you a blended intervention of consulting, training and performance coaching.

We think if makes sense – uncommon sense.