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Actionable Conversations™

Turn ideas from top business books into real conversations and action plans for you and your team.

Actionable Conversations™ are just that – conversations – for your team to engage meaningfully while honing their professional skills at the same time. Actionable Conversations™ are an opportunity for you and your team to work through the core concepts of top business books and together discuss how to apply those concepts to your business.

Designed for bite-size learning sessions such as regularly scheduled breakfast meetings or lunch-and-learn gatherings, each Actionable Conversation™ is about an hour or so in duration. Each conversation-event is inspired by the core message of a leading business book with book topics falling into one of these six categories:

  1. Self-management
  2. Team Optimisation
  3. Effective Communication
  4. Innovative Thinking
  5. Leadership
  6. Role & Culture Fit.

Actionable Conversations™ serve to drive employee engagement while strengthening internal relationships. And, stronger teams mean better retention, higher productivity and increased morale.

Here’s how it works: Your team leaders are supported to run an Actionable Conversation™ using a Conversation Starter Guide which encourages the development of their own leadership abilities while providing the perfect environment in which to enrich their relationships with team members.

After each Actionable Conversation™ individuals are asked to share their key takeaways and commitments to action that are then tracked as part of the accountability component. Teams typically run one Actionable Conversation each month.

Ultimately, teams grow stronger through the discussion and deeper understanding of their own dynamic. As well, team members better retain the learning by seeing how the content directly relates to their own circumstances.

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