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Helping Clients Succeed® Sales Performance Practice

The more you focus on helping your clients succeed, the more successful you will be.

Such is the philosophy behind FranklinCovey’s Helping Clients Succeed sales training suite and a philosophy that is wholeheartedly shared by Collective Intelligence, a newly licensed agent of Franklin Covey Australia and New Zealand.

“Using the Helping Clients Succeed® training program, our highly experienced facilitators teach sales teams how to become remarkably better at the person-to-person aspects of sales. Sales teams become trusted advisors to their clients by seeking first to understand their clients’ needs and then working together to create win-win outcomes that benefit both sides,” says Michael Schiffner, Collective Intelligence’s Managing Director and Helping Clients Succeed® facilitator.

“Organisations that focus on helping their clients succeed find that they are able to differentiate themselves from their competitors and sell more,” Michael said because they are able to successfully:

  • Focus their intent on helping clients succeed and thereby create trust and intimacy with their clients.
  • Craft solutions that exactly meet the client’s desired results and buying criteria.
  • Initiate new business opportunities with clients in ways they appreciate.

Collective Intelligence proudly offers the following elements of the Helping Clients Succeed® training suite, which may be undertaken separately or collectively:

1)      Filling your Pipeline – Designed specifically for sales leaders and their teams who are looking for new and effective alternatives to prospecting. Participants learn how to prioritise their time, and, plan how to maximise their prospecting efforts.

2)      Qualifying Opportunities – Created to help sales professionals learn how to uncover and understand their clients’ needs faster and more effectively in order to identify a solution that exactly meets the client’s needs. The result is shorter sales cycles, increased client satisfaction, and, more wins!

3)      Closing the Sale – Helps sales professionals increase their win rates by preparing in advance to enable their clients to make good decisions that achieve win-win outcomes.

“Through Helping Clients Succeed® FranklinCovey have trained more than 36,000 sales professionals and coached more than 2,600 sales leaders, overall impacting hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide,” said Josh Farrell, Managing Director, FranklinCovey Australia and New Zealand.

Together, FranklinCovey and Collective Intelligence support your sales organisation in Helping Your Clients Succeed® and to build high trust relationships that result in more sales.

Contact us today to learn more about bringing Helping Clients Succeed® to your sales organisation.