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Rehearsal Video Role-play (Rehearsal) is an affordable web-based training platform that allows you to easily create video training simulations that your team can respond to by using almost any device with a webcam and an internet connection. Conveniently review and share top training simulation submissions to strengthen and inspire the whole team.

Here’s why Rehearsal works:

  • Reduces training costs: Eliminates travel time and lost productivity; reduces the need to take learners away from their job.
  • Minimises time and location restrictions: Create and conduct role-play scenarios in the learner’s home or office.
  • Alleviates performance anxiety: Practice responses without the anxiety often associated with performing in front of peers / leaders.
  • Improves learning and assessment: On average, learners will record their responses six times before submitting their final response. You can review, grad and offer personalised video feedback on your team’s performances.

What the research says about how we learn:

Researchers have found that there are four specific instructional techniques that help learners commit information to long-term memory:

  1. Learning through activities.
  2. Connecting new information to existing knowledge.
  3. Repetition, and
  4. Distributed practice.

Rehearsal ticks all of these boxes.

What the research says about the training simulation:

In a study relating role-play to work performance, 90% of new sales agents whose training included role-play were considered competent for their position just two weeks after training. In comparison, only 15% of new sales agents were deemed competent in a control group that did not receive role-play training as part of their training.

Watch an introductory Rehearsal VRP video here.