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Our Approach

We support professional service firms to increase their revenues by helping their people to be more effective, confident and successful in conducting Business Development (BD) activities.

Our approach is designed for professionals operating in complex sales environments with multiple stakeholders and high transaction values.

We appreciate that BD for many people in professional services is outside their comfort zone and does not necessarily come naturally. Expectations to generate fees for the firm can create additional pressure and anxiety. However, this really doesn’t have to be the case.

We begin by shifting the thinking around the buyer/seller relationship.We advocate people actually stop selling and shift the focus of their intention to help clients succeed.This simple but significant change in mindset changes the interpersonal dynamic from something one does to someone (selling) to something one does with someone (helping them buy).The latter is a collaborative journey of exploration done in partnership as opposed to something inflicted on someone using manipulative, high-pressure tactics that usually elicit strong resistance by the client.

We guide professionals to evolve from transactional to transformational client relationships by focusing on collaboration over coercion. Our counterintuitive approach is based on the premise of making ‘no’ OK. By doing so, we take the pressure off the buyer and change the interpersonal dynamic so buyers open up and share freely, giving access to information so professionals may gain the necessary insights into the client’s business situation in order to make relevant recommendations.

Our Philosophy

We exist to steward business leaders to consciously co-create authentic relationships as they explore and integrate a more evolved version of themselves.With greater awareness come achievements that are in alignment with their personal integrity and values.

In our experience, we have found that the magic lies in conversational intelligence. Conversational intelligence enables people to recognise the quality of their interactions, the level of trust they and others are operating with, and the outcomes produced by evolving the level of conversation. In doing so, individuals can begin to eliminate conversational ‘blind spots’ and engage in more authentic conversations.

We recognise conversational intelligence as the ability to hold a neutral space to explore unchartered territory: to ask questions for which we have no answer and to then listen in order to connect. When we let go of being right, we find the most powerful answers and insights in the process of connecting, co-creating and synthesising ideas.

We believe in the power of assuming a mindset of discovery, inquiry and curiosity. In turn, this shifts the mindset to one of co-creation, trust and receptivity.