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MS_headshot_2016 Michael Schiffner – Managing Director 

Michael Schiffner is an expert in creating sustainable behavioural change for organisations intending to develop high performance individuals and teams. Specialising in business development and the application of research-based learning transfer methodologies, Michael applies more than 25 years of international sales experience, coaching principles and proven business development (BD) training to every learning experience.

Michael’s expertise in designing programs that incorporate adult learning principles along with a focus on learning beyond the classroom is a significant point of difference, positioning Michael as more than a facilitator. His approach delivers on-the-job performance improvements and a greater ROI for clients.

A thorough knowledge of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace combined with Michael’s natural affability to share relevant stories from his own sales experience enable him to genuinely connect with clients in balancing IQ and EQ, eliminating the dysfunctions which can be found in the traditional buyer/seller relationship.

Michael’s international sales experience includes positions with global pharmaceutical companies such as GSK, Pfizer, and Novartis in Canada, the UK and Australia. As a former Associate Director with KPMG, Michael was instrumental in establishing a BD Academy where he personally conducted more than 400 hours of individual BD coaching conversations with more than 65 partners and directors – influencing more than $12 million of additional revenue for that company in FY13.

An award-winning facilitator, Michael is a published author on the topic of How to Build High Performance Sales Teams. One of Michael’s personal highlights was having joined Dr Patch Adams’ Healing Through Humour Russian Tour (2008) of children’s hospitals and orphanages as an amateur clown bringing joy to underprivileged kids.

“My professional and personal philosophies are one and the same – be real, operate from a place of integrity and enjoy the journey – life and learning are only as hard as we make it!” (Michael Schiffner)


Dominic Johnson Dominic Johnson – Business Development Consultant

Helping Clients Succeed® Practice Leader /Facilitator

Dominic is a senior learning and development professional with extensive experience as a solutions designer, coach and facilitator specialising in designing programs with high impact both in terms of participant experience and business performance uplifts.

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Dean Mason_2  Dean Mason – Executive Coach

Dean’s primary focus is the assessment and development of leadership capability in the context of business strategy. Aligning executive’s and team’s inner development with what will serve the organisation’s growth and success is how Dean’s support brings substantial and lasting value to commercial and not-for-profit organisations.

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Kerim Nutku Kerim Nutku – Executive Coach

Kerim works with executive and senior leaders to develop their leadership power – the power to create outcomes that matter most. Working with individual leaders, leadership teams and wider organisational systems, Kerim supports leaders to discover, create, be and achieve more than they thought possible – fuelled by passion, intention, intuition, out-of-the-box thinking, and a drive for results.

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Mei Ouw 2 Mei Ouw – Executive Coach

Transformational and empathetic as a coach, Mei’s insightful and direct approach adds a fresh perspective to situations, making her much sought after in the leadership space. Mei delivers impactful executive coaching and leadership programs to move leaders into a space of true adaptive leadership. The objective is to raise levels of consciousness both at the individual and team perspectives in order to deal with complex issues from a new level of thinking.

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Mark Raymond_2017 Mark Raymond – Executive Coach

Mark is a highly respected executive coach who combines a strong commercial focus with a rigorous coaching methodology that ultimately results in sustainable behaviour change through more skilful communication and increased confidence and wellbeing.

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